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WHY UchallengeU?

How We Can Help

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. UchallengeU is designed to improve that relationship through social accountability in an encouraging and uplifting way. Through online check-ins at least once a week, you can make significant progress on projects important to you. Don’t have projects you’re working on?  Then slay your to-do-list or honey do-list and bask in the joy of getting things done and impressing yourself in the process. Share your weekly accomplishments with your fellow “challengers,” so we can celebrate with you and cheer you on. Ready to get started? 

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How to join the free accountability group

We keep things simple. In five easy steps you can level-up any area of your life that is important to you. We’re here to cheer you on!


  1. Become a memberClick on the Members tab and follow instructions. Once you are a member, you can join a group.

  2. Join group - Click Groups in the tab and join our free accountability community. 

  3. Update your profile - Please add a picture without a mask. We want to see your smiling face!

  4. Post - Share one-to-three priorities for your week on Sunday. You can either update the group when you cross an item from your list or you can share your results at-one-time on Sunday. Whether personal, professional or a combination of both, your priorities are up to U! (I couldn't resist the pun!) You can update and post anytime, but Sundays are reserved for our check-ins and resets for the week.

  5. Cheer on others - Like or shout out your fellow challengers for the progress they have made. We're all on this growth journey together. Let's turn-up for each other while showing-up for ourselves.

Last point.

Throw glitter not shade. We're here to encourage, empower, and elevate!

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There were days when I didn't always feel like it and oftentimes didn't have anything to share. Those days I borrowed from those who had inspired me or reached back and shared previous insights. Measured results. 29 posts and 3 blogs. Vs 3 posts and 2 blogs the previous month.



 I lost 10lbs and increased my water intake to four 16.9 Oz. Bottles of water versus my typical two. This is a total of 67.6 ounces of water a day! As a result of this challenge, I am over the 8 (8 Oz.) glass a day water recommendation! “Bonus Benefits”!



Over the 30-day period, I’ve exercised an average of 30-45 minutes 4 times a week. I’ve been less stressed and had more energy during this time. As an added bonus, I can now fit a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear for a while.


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