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My family inspires me to grow! Let's flourish, together!

I'm so glad you stopped by UchallengeU. Like you, I could use some good accountability partners that will help keep me on my game. Being married with two school-aged kiddos, working full-time, homeschooling and growing the UchallengeU community is well umm...a lot, but I enjoy it all. My professor husband is a huge help as he is a hands-on homeschooling dad, chef, chauffeur and much more. Additionally, we belong to two wonderful homeschool co-ops where our kids are also taught by other homeschooling parents. It takes a village!

In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis with my family and am learning to play golf with my daughter. When I'm not playing sports, you can catch me reading, traveling and hiking. Fun fact: I can solve a Rubik's Cube! 

If you're a positive person who gets pumped up cheering on other people and could use a bit of extra support yourself, then join our free weekly accountability community by clicking here


Cheering you on,


photo credit: from my personal archive taken at an Egyptian-themed escape room

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