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UchallengU Family Edition

Building better habits isn't only for adults. It's for the entire family. Designed with elementary and middle school students in mind, these 21-day challenges make building better habits fun! Check out the video below and download your free habits tracker. Say good-bye to nit picking and nagging and hello to a calmer you and conscientious kids. 



I've had charts and to-do lists for my kids before. But the UchallengeU habit tracker has been a game changer for my family. It's a systematic way for my children to develop new habits that stick.

This self-development tool can increase self-confidence, boost self-esteem and positively shape your children's self-image. How do I know? It's working wonders in my family and I hope it can do the same in yours.


Don't wait, join UchallengeU Family. As a representative of your family, you will join the group so that we can cheer you on. Know that you are not alone as we help you stay consistent with tracking your family's new behaviors until your kids enthusiastically remind you.

What took me so long to do this?

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