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Do you obey your intuition?

I'm talking about obedient to that small whisper that encourages you to act. That voice could be telling you to say something or do something. That's the voice I'm talking about which is also called your intuition. It's God working through us.

Yesterday was a prime example of me not listening to that whisper. I was making a cookie delivery and the voice said text the lady and see if she would like any other cookies. I ignored the call. Five minutes later I received a call asking if I had additional cookies. Of course I did, but I was already gone. "Shoot, I should have asked her."

That voice speaks to us a lot. How well have you learned to listen and obey? How often do you hear this voice and obey? A friend mentioned that she is "allowing" her good to flow through her. To allow, we have to pay attention and act when we are told what to do.

I'm still growing to trust this voice. We all know that listening and obeying is our Divine Nudge. But sometimes, we don't listen and get Divinely pushed by circumstances that force our growth. At least that's what challenges are designed to do, help us to grow.

With UchallengeU, we are being intentional and proactive about our growth. We listen to what our challenges, discomfort, frustrations are hear to teach us. What lessons will we learn. to whatso that we don't have to be Divinely pushed by circumstances like disease brought on by poor diet and lack of exercise, being fired from a job due to lack of performance, or relationship woes because we haven't tamed our temper.

I'm not saying that these circumstances only happen because of some deficiency within us, because life happens despite our goodness or how well we live it. We will all face challenges uniquely tailored to us. What I am saying is that some of our drama and obstacles in life can be avoided if we prepared correctly, left the house earlier, thought one more time before sending that e-mail or took the time to think before we acted to avoid wasted time and energy.

It helps when we are being guided by and listening to that small voice within. What happened the last time you listened to that whisper? Also, feel free to share what happened the last time you didn't listen.

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Cheering you on,



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