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Embrace these two habits to change

Leo Tolstoy hit the nail on the head with this quote about where life is lived, in other words, where the real action and impact happens. Each tiny change that we make about what we do or don't do has an impact on us or on those around us in subtle or not so subtle ways.

To change, we must embrace both action and inaction.

Which one do you think most people in America favor? If you guessed action, you're right. We embrace action, "even if there’s no evidence that it will lead to a better outcome than doing nothing would." This tendency describes our action bias. We feel the need to "do something" because most people would rather "do something" than nothing.

So, while we want to embrace taking action toward our goals and desires, we also want to embrace inaction. We have some behaviors that we would be better off stopping. Inaction is change, too!

Let's embrace action and inaction on our growth journey. Both are valuable and deserve conscious consideration.

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