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The Power of Habits to Change Your Life

For months I hadn’t been sleeping well. I’d fall asleep then wake up in the middle of the night. My attempts to toss and turn my way back to sleep didn’t help either, but starting one particular habit did. When you combine this particular habit with other habits to change your life, you will experience tremendous growth.

I told myself the next time I wake up, I will start reading. And that’s what I did for several days. When I found myself awake, I would ease out of bed and tiptoe downstairs to snuggle on the couch with my book. Each time, I eventually fell back to sleep. But, there was a catch.

I would get sleepy by mid-morning. To ward off my mid-morning slump, I decided to start running in the mornings again. The first week was awful because I had knee pain. I wanted to give up. Instead of quitting, I changed to lighter shoes and slowed my pace. My body had to readjust to jogging. After a week, my knee pain disappeared, thank God I was persistent. Now, I have a daily habit of reading and exercising that helps me recharge mentally and physically.

I have experienced several benefits since starting my new morning reading and exercise routines. I sleep through the night and wake up energized ready to start my day. Plus, it feels great to generate a sweat from running outside in the fresh air. It’s a refreshing way to start the morning, gives me a chance to appreciate nature, and provides a surprise opportunity to greet several neighbors out walking their dogs.

Here are a few habits to change your life as well:

  1. Daily prayer and / or meditation

  2. Writing in a gratitude journal

  3. Practicing yoga

  4. Reading uplifting material

  5. Calling a friend or a loved one

What do you want to change in your life? What habits do you need to incorporate into your life to get the results you want?

Ready to level-up your life? We’re here to cheer you on! Join our free weekly accountability group for support in achieving what's important to you. Read "How it works" by scrolling down on the homepage for details.

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