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The Power of Your Future Self

Your future self is routing for you! Yes, our future selves want us to make good decisions today that will positively impact us later.

The trick is to remember this in the present, when you are feeling resistant and low in motivation. That's why scheduling tasks can help prepare your mind to execute what you've planned.

Thinking and acting from your future self is a game changer because it impacts every aspect of your present. From how you dress, plan for the future, and care for your health, to how you handle finances and relationships.

Keeping in mind who you desire to be and how you want to grow while goal setting and planning inspires actions that align with your vision. Do you have a vision for yourself?

UchallengeU offers you the opportunity to take intentional steps to live a better version of yourself.

As we master the challenges that we choose for ourselves we grow more resilient and confident in our abilities to make choices that support our vision, even if that vision is blurry. We're growing more into the type of person we aspire to be.

Next time you are feeling low on motivation, ask yourself, "what would future (insert your name) want me to do now?"

Actually, you don't have to wait until you are low on motivation to ask yourself this question. Ask it any time you want!

Cheering you on,



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