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Tiny victories matter

Celebrating our tiny victories are just as important, if not more important than, celebrating a full on win. Are you a success if you drank 3 glasses of water yesterday instead of the gallon you thought your would drink? I say YES...because it's better than none.

Are you a success if you write for 5 minutes instead of 15? I say YES because you still made progress.

Are you a success if you ate meat 1 meal out of the day instead of 2 or more? I say Yes because you ate less meat and you are moving in the right direction of your goal.

I'm not saying that anyone with these goals are not achieving them, I'm pointing out that we can still be proud of and celebrate our progress even if we miss the mark for the day.

Something magical happens when we allow ourselves to honor and celebrate our progress in a safe, affirming space.

So, acknowledge yourself and share your victories, big and small; today and every day.

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Cheering you on,



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