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Two ways to use the 2 minute rule

Discovering productivity hacks is energizing. Using them saves me time, mental energy and relives stress. Here are two ways to use the 2-Minute Rule.

The first way comes from David Allen, whose version of the Two-Minute Rule states,If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now.” For more, see David Allen, Getting Things Done (New York: Penguin, 2015). If it takes longer than that, then schedule it.

The other is from James Clear who uses the 2-Minute Rule as a way to form a new habit. According to James, you can break any goal or new habit down to 2-minutes. For example, your goal may be to run a marathon. You wouldn't start there, instead you would breakdown the goal into gradually easier tasks. Run 3 miles, run 1 mile, but first you'd need to put on your tennis shoes.

Therefore, putting on your tennis shoes is the action that you would make a habit. Once you make putting on your tennis shoes a habit, you can build from there. I think that's genius!

I've been using the 2-minute rule throughout the day. When I finish a task earlier than anticipated, according to my schedule, I do those little quick things. For example throwing in a load of laundry or folding clothes. It's a perfect way to add variety and some spontaneity throughout the day.

I haven't use the 2-minute rule to form a new habit, at least not consciously, but I will keep this nugget in the back of my mind as I think of my next OMT.

Do you use either of these versions of the 2-Minute Rule in your day? If so, how do you us it? If not, how could either of these methods work for you?

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