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UchallengeU is a training ground for next level progress

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

UchallengeU is a safe space where you can level up your habits, career, finances and more by focusing on areas important to you, through weekly accountability check-ins and 21-day challenges. Since "every next level of your life will demand a different version of you" it is prudent that we become intentional and proactive about our growth.

One of the best ways to do this is by pursuing interesting challenges, taking on special projects that expand our skill-sets. The key is to ask how we can add value where ever we are. I need more stretch assignments to help me expand.

Earlier this week, I thought I would use the next challenge to focus on building my meal planning muscles. NOT. Instead, I'm going to focus more intently on creative ways to add to the nonprofit sector. How can I give more? What insights can I glean from my organization's data and where can I share my findings more widely?

After thinking about what a different version of me would look like, the reality is that I'm not exactly sure. But I can guess that I would probably need to do the following:

1. Get more organized, electronically and physically.

2. Get clarity on my work quicker, so I can get started faster

3. Carve out time for unassigned "special projects"

4. Expand my skillset

5. Take on more challenging projects

6. Think more broadly and gain better understanding of the field and our work.

7. Write more for the field and expand my thought leadership.

Looks like I have created a blueprint to enhance my career. If you had to create a blueprint for the next level of your life, what might it look like?

Cheering you on,


Ready to level-up your life? We’re here to cheer you on! Join our free weekly accountability community for support in achieving what's important to you. Read "How it works" by scrolling down on the homepage for details.


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