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How to rub off positively on others

According to researchers Boyatzis Smith and Van Oosten, PEA stands for Positive Emotional Attractor and NEA stands for Negative Emotional Attractor. PEA means that we stimulate a positive response in others while other times we can unintentionally stimulate a negative response in others. Our responses can be trigger by people or situations. The more PEAs we have in our lives the better we will feel.

However, we can not discount the meaning and purpose of NEA. They arise to teach us life lessons and reflect back to us something within that we may need to explore.

Have you ever been around a person who you can tell they are not intentionally trying to do something off, but they rub you the wrong way? In essence, they agitate something within you that causes you to feel negatively?

Most New Thought practitioners would say that you are causing your own negative reaction by your internal response to what was being said or done. Regardless of our internal response from our own thoughts initiated by someone else, we still may experience a negative response or CAUSE a negative response from others.

The point is that our energy is often contagious. How we show up, what energy we bring to every interaction and situation will depend on our mental and emotional state at any given time, so it behooves us to keep tabs on how we're feeling at any given moment.

Plus, each day we need to weave in renewal so that we can respond from our centered core instead of an empty well. I chose today's image because it's beautiful. It reminds me of the importance of being in a beautiful environment and it's subtle or not so subtle impact on our spirits. Looking at beautiful images, being in nature, art galleries are all environments that we can use to hack our PEAs. These are examples of renewal activities that invite you to care for your spirit.

What renewal activities will you indulge in today?

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